I have a wide range of passions including coding, music, sound design, diy electronics, and luthiery. My goal is to combine my passions to create positive and spiritually affirming projects and artwork. You can sometimes find me skating Boston, or playing a show with my robot, Hex.
Moonstone is a labor of love. I sought to create dynamic, emotional music using synthesizers and electronics. I used modular synthesis, experimental sound design, as well as experimental software sequencers and sound generators I made for this project. The Valley was composed in 2019 as an original soundtrack and collaboration for Wonder Fair: a wonderful print, arts, and crafts store in Lawrence, KS. The album is primarily influenced by Kankyo Ongaku, a New Age/avante-garde minimal music movement in Japan during the 1980s, where composers where hired to create original soundtracks for spaces. The electronic music in The Valley was written to evoke and accompany the subtle, evolving patterns that permeate daily life.